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Reversible Casements


The Settanta Top Swing Reversible Window helps meet the challenges of climate change head on with design breakthroughs, which reduce heat loss and improve weather tightness.


The Settanta Top Swing Reversible Window is ideally suited to properties where access to the external glazing is difficult (loft conversions, high rises etc.) The sash fully reverses to allow for easy cleaning to both sides of the glazing.


Settanta Reversible Window


Weather seals are fused to the main profile and are welded together at the corners ensuring a continuous homogeneous seal. This precision technology ensures enhanced air and water tightness.


The profile design of the main sections has multiple independent chambers not the conventional three, This gives the profile greater strength and importantly enhances the thermal efficiency of the frame by up to 15%.


All Settanta profiles are lead-free and manufactured to the environmental standard, BS EN 14001.



All Settanta extrusions are fully recyclable.


The Settanta Top Swing Reversible has the principle sections designed with Multiple independent chambers, trapping air which acts as an insulator between the outside and inside temperature environments, Most other systems are either two or three-chambered and give inferior thermal performance.


Multiple chambers help towards the new energy requirements in the Code for sustainable home sand , Combined with a high performance glazing specification, can achieve U values down to 1.5Wm2K or lower.


Window Energy rated for fully reinforced frames can be as low a Category A depending on glazing specification.

Weather Tightness

The weather seals on the principle profiles are fused to the profile surface and welded together, making a continuous homogeneous weather-tight seal.


Tested in accordance with BS 6375 Part 1, the Settanta top swing reversible routinely outperforms previous notions of air and water tightness.


Levels of up to 1000 pascals on air and 600 on water tightness makes this reversible design far exceed any standard specification requirement, keeping dwellings both drier and warmer than previous generations of product have achieved.


Class A Profile Extrusion Quality

Multi-chambered profile featuring co-extruded gaskets achieving an ‘A’ classification of profile wall thickness in accordance with EN12608. Extruded in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards.


Yale Hardware


The high performance Top Hung Reversible Window Hinge is the ideal choice for residential and commercial upper floor windows.


Its user-friendly design allows the window to rotate fully, which enables the homeowner or occupier to easily clean both sides of the glass from within the comfort and safety of the building without having to overstretch or run the risk of injury by falling from a ladder when cleaning from the outside.


Reversible Window - Nova Group Limited



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