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Curtain Walling - Nova Group Limited
Curtain Walling - Nova Group Limited

Curtain Walling System


The Settanta curtain walling system facilitates construction of a wide range of styles and sizes of curtain walling to suit the specifier's needs.


Because most styles of window can be fitted into the system, a wide range of possible options are available.


The grid system has its own drainage, thermal break, expansion/contraction elements constructed into the system.



Solutions for every application

The Settanta curtain walling system is used extensively in schools, colleges and commercial buildings, as well as for newbuild housing (apartment blocks and individual homes) and refurbishment projects for high, low and medium rise social housing.



Curtain Walling - Nova Group Limited


Product Details



The curtain walling system is made up of a series of aluminium beams of different dimensions, designed to take bending and sheer loads. Into these grid combinations are fitted Sheerframe windows which are extruded from Sheerblend impact modified PVC, complying with BS7413.



Structural grids available in white or woodgrain, into which can be fitted a range of window styles from all the Sheerframe systems, including tilt & turn windows and reversible windows.



Curtain walling is manufactured to customers requirements, though all designs and combinations must be approved by L.B. Plastics. Approval is based on required deflection properties, as required in BS6375 Part 1 and in combination with the existing building and specifiers requirements.


Fittings & Hardware

For appropriate fittings and hardware refer to the individual window styles being used in the grid e.g., reversibles. Additional remote opening devices can be used on casement and tilt and turn styles where opening lights may be high.


Grid Structure

Curtain Walling grids should be constructed with reference to the curtain walling manual (availble on request) and using the methods and components supplied by Nova.


Structural engineers should also be consulted on larger products where they can advise on the correct interaction between building and grid.



All structural components have been independently assessed by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology at the University of Bath.



A large range of fixing brackets is available to suit most building types and methods of fixing, e.g. fixing between floors, hanging from the face etc.


Curtain Walling - Nova Group Limited

Curtain Walling Systems - Nova Group Limited



We reserve the right to change technical
specifications without prior notification.



Design service


PVCu curtain walling and structural grid systems offer architects, designers and specifiers a new range of high performance, stylish fenestration options.


To assist specifiers in making the right window, door and façade choices, L.B. Plastics offers a specialist design service for specific projects. To take advantage of this service, all we require is you to complete a questionnaire, providing details of:


• Location
• Topography
• Size of building - width, length, height
• Proposed window/curtain walling design