Settanta Windows - Nova Group Limited
Settanta Windows - Nova Group Limited
Settanta Windows - Nova Group Limited

PVCu Casements


Settanta brings together over 30 years’ expertise in window technology from the UK’s leading window systems company to deliver a five chamber, fully-reinforced high - performance window system in two attractive styling options - Fully Contoured or Bevelled*


It is easy to manufacture, totally sustainable and meets consumer demand for lead-free, calcium organic stabilised A-rated windows and doors.


Settanta Windows - Nova Group Limited


High performance and sustainable

• WER A-rated – when fully reinforced and double glazed
• Achieving u-values of 0.8Wm 2 K – even when fully reinforced *
• Five chambered profile gives improved insulation and strength
• Totally lead-free calcium organic stabilised profile suite
• 100% recyclable



• Bevel and Contour profiles – to suit any home
• Suitable for any window and door style
• Modern ergonmic handles and hardware
• Large coloured foil range


Strong and secure

• Excellent weather tightness - 23mm rebate gives 9mm all-round cover
• Additional defence in extreme weather via two drainage troughs
• Can be security enhanced to BS7950 – and still deliver zero carbon U-value – 0.8Wm 2 K


Easy to manufacture

• Fully co-extruded with soft-fit weatherseals for increased speed of fabrication
• Accommodates three reinforcing options: System, Steel and Thermlock FP – 100% recycled PVC with exceptional strength, screw pull-out and thermal performance
• Clip-on glass packers for easier glazing
• Bevel and Contour “J-type” beads - for 28mm or 44mm triple glazed
• Complementary range of bay and jointing ancillaries


Advanced high Security Window Locks

Settanta window locks - Nova Group Limited

- Multi-point Locking
- Patented Gearbox
- Guaranteed Security
- Robust unhanded Die-Cast Gearbox
- Die-Cast Claws


Twin claws operated by the Settanta gearbox provide unrivalled security and reliability. Upon closing the windows, these claws slide easily and securely into the keeps in either the fully close position or vented position allowing air to circulate in and out of the room while remaining secure.


Heavy gauge stainless steel shootbolts provide corrosion resistance and high security to Settanta windows. All have been tested and have successfully achieved the prestigious BS 7950 criteria for advanced window security. The shootbolts located securely into the equally strong keeps at the top and bottom of the frame.

  • System Reinforcing
  • FP Reinforcing
  • Steel Reinforcing


- Fully contoured casement shown -

We reserve the right to change technical
specifications without prior notification.



Choice of Styling


Settanta Contoured - Nova Group Limited


Settanta Fully Contoured


Settanta Bevelled - Nova Group Limited


Settanta Bevelled with Contoured Bead (* White Only)