About CE Marking - Nova Group Limited

Enviromental Policy

January 2018

As a leading manufacturer within the window industry, Nova Group recognise that their operations have an effect on the local, national and international environment.

Because of this the Board of Directors are committed to the protection of the environment, the prevention of pollution and a program of continual improvement in the environmental performance of the company and a reduction in the company’s Carbon Footprint.


Nova Group has identified the interested parties that are relevant to the EMS and have determined the needs of these bodies. Furthermore, the fulfillment of our compliance obligations will be seen as the minimum performance standard of the company, however to promote a culture of best practice an Environmental Management System complying with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 : 2015 will be implemented and maintained.


The Board of Directors are responsible for the company’s performance and implementation of this policy.


Overview of Strategy and Action Plan

  1. The Managing Director is the board level “Champion for the Environment” and will develop and maintain the requirements of the action plan and will ensure communication at all levels.
  2. A framework to monitor and improve the company’s performance against prescribed objectives.
  3. Targets for reducing energy, water and waste will be set and used as Key Performance Indicators when reviewing the company’s environmental management performance.
  4. Recycling plans and targets implemented and monitored for waste materials and packaging.
  5. An annual Carbon Footprint will be calculated and reported on.
  6. To make available products of high thermal efficiency thus reducing CO² emissions and energy consumption.
  7. Action plan reviewed and amended regularly to ensure continual improvement and completion of our compliance obligations.



  1. 1. The “Champion for the Environment” sets out the responsibility for environmental performance ensuring that all regulations are complied with.
  2. Full awareness training provided to all employees to ensure that they are made aware of the company’s commitment to work in an environmentally responsible manner. Internal procedures and work ethics designed around this.
  3. Assessments of energy consumption will form part of the assessment program prior to the purchase of new plant and equipment.
  4. Transport movements will be optimised to reduce emissions.
  5. Environmental commitment will also form part of the evaluation procedure for new and existing suppliers.
  6. Performance reviewed quarterly and reported to Board of Directors.
  7. Action plan reviewed and amended regularly to ensure continuous improvement, compliance with current legislation and prevention of pollution.