Sapa Dualfold - Sliding folding doors - Nova Group Limited - Double Glazing Systems

Key Features


  • Low threshold cill for ease of access and superb aesthetics
  • Swing leaf restrictor option - restricts the swing of the free leaf to any required angle
  • Pull hinge handle option - provides an easy grip position for operating opening outwards doors
  • Meeting stile shootbolt has one simple handle to operate both top and bottom bolts
  • Slave leaf shootbolt - one central operator for both top and bottom bolts which is completely concealed when the door is closed.
  • Dualfold is Part L compliant - the polyamide thermal break means the door can achieve a U value of 1.9 W/m2K
  • Security hinge bolt option available
  • 28mm glazing
  • Optional trickle ventilation

Sapa Dualfold - Sliding folding doors

Sapa Dualfold - Sliding folding doors
Sapa Dualfold - Sliding folding doors
Sapa Dualfold - Sliding folding doors

Introduction Sapa Dualfold


Dualfold offers maximum opening with minimum intrusion, in a smooth sliding folding action, coupled with the same slim sightlines and true dual colour options as the rest of the Dualframe range.


Dualfold is designed to carry the weight of the panels on high strength stainless steel bottom wheels, allowing the top rollers to guide the panes as they slide. This reduces the reliance on the lintel above and thus enhances the smooth sliding action.


Easy-glide stainless steel wheels not only offer smooth operation but are also totally obscured from view once the door is closed, whilst the standard Dualframe outerframe means that floor coverings can be fitted right up to the cill making the visible threshold height very low.


Dualfold features proven door hardware with a Eurogroove multipoint locking system. This means that Dualfold can be fully operated from outside as well as inside.

Sample Configurations


All configurations open-in or open-out and left or right hand sliding.

From three to seven pane, open in or out door sets are available. Doors can be designed to slide either to the left or right to suit the project requirements.


Note. The style combinations below are a sample of the options are available. Please consult the product manual for all opening options.


External operation only available on hinged doors. Please consult the technical department for specific requirements



Maximum leaf width - 1000mm Maximum leaf height - 2283mm
Maximum leaf weight - 100kg Maximum overall width (770 configuration) - 6200mm


The above minimum and maximum dimensions do not apply to the low threshold door.


For further details of overall sizes please consult the product manual.



Tested to BS6375 Part 1:2004 and achieved the highest classification:

Air permeability* -
Open in Class 4 (600 Pa)

Open out Class 4 (600 Pa)


Water tightness* -
Open in Class 3A (150 Pa)

Open out Class 7A (600 Pa)


Wind resistance* -
Open in Class 4 (1600 Pa)

Open out Class 4 (1600 Pa)


*Weather performance for the low threshold version of the Dualfold door meets UK exposure category 800x (150 Pa - air; 50 Pa - water; 800 Pa - gust), (BS6375-1:2004). This door should not be used in exposed conditions and, as with any low threshold door, additional measures to prevent water coming into contact with internal floors may be required.


+ External Handles are not available on design configurations 600 and 440